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First Business Connects supplies and builds systems for our Partners and Resellers that package the recruitment techniques and capabilities used by leading recruiters into easy to use, efficient and cost effective platforms. Although we provide systems across the world, our focus is on organisations based in Asia Pacific, New Zealand and Australia.
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Recruitment Management Systems

A complete system that includes: Careers Portals, Applicant Tracking, Candidate Management, Referrals, Talent Pools, Social Network linking, Agency Portals and Offer Management.

Talent Portals

Systems that encompass one of the cheapest and most effective means of developing a high quality candidate base for filling vacancies.

Careers Portals

Our best value system. Ideal for the small to mid sized organisation. It covers Applicant Tracking, Vacancy Publishing, Screening and Shortlisting. Further add-ons also available.
Latest News

Our Latest News & Developments

Apr 2016 Bookmarking widget for use on phones
Bookmarking facilities remain - widget no longer seen a useful addition...

Aug 2015 New Websites
Updates for the FBC Corporate , Blog and Support sites...

Feb 2015 System Updates
Two new features added for new and existing systems...
 Blog Posts

Some recent Blog Posts

3/04/16 The Dark Triad - Narcissim, Psychopathy, Machivellianism
Need we say more :) ...

9/03/16 Generation Y - The Millenials
An overview from an employment and workplace perspective...

18/1/16 Internet explorer - Web Browsers
Implications of Microsoft advising its end of the road for IE...

Publicly Available Resources

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Responsive Website design: Pros and Cons of this approach...

Needs Analysis and Recruitment: A key technique for successful recruitment...

Website performance and Google: how we ensure your site performs well in search...
All our products deliver efficiency and effectiveness from best practice.
Efficiency and Effectiveness

Recruitment Management Systems

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Career Portals

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