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The grid below outlines some of the major functional areas within our products and shows which are standard and which are optional. Please note we are fortunate that our toolkit allows us to undertake significant customisation and configuration options for clients and Partners/Resellers and not all functional capabilities of options are included. Partners/Resellers may also have special feature and custom workflow sets which we deploy for their clients which are not indicated in the grid.

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Notes on configurations:

(1) Configurations provides an automatically generated URL when vacancies are set up that most job boards can use to direct candidate applications to i.e the candidate will apply directly on your system.
(2) Talent Portals are often deployed to target specific vacancy groups and the application process covers candidates registering interest in that group obviating the need for a more general vacancy manager. However a full vacancy manager for Talent Portals is available as an option.
(3) Recruitment Management System supports multiple Talent Pools which can be set up on initial configuration.

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