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Do you actually need employees anyway?

It may seem a strange question to ask.  But these days, with recent changes in work and in the workplace, perhaps it's not as strange a question as it may at first appear. This post is about thinking another alternative to employees. Here, we are looking at the "Gig Economy" or "Freelancing".

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Selection - Hidden Bias

Most of HR professionals are keen to get a diverse and multi-cultural workforce. However, is this really working in your organisation?  We suggest that in too many cases it might not be.  See here, for some tips and ideas on how to ensure that you, and your managers, are not discriminating without meaning to.  

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Peak iPhone

At this time of the year we like to look at trends and new developments.  This year we are looking at technology. In particular we are looking at the sorts of technology devices we use in our daily lives.  Where are we now and what can expect in coming years?

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The 11 'rules for success' from Apple

The substance of this post is one we think many of our clients and partners will identify with.  We often talk about how to hire the right people - this post is about how to start them off on the right foot.  

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Web Design in 2017

This post looks at some web design trends with a view to what we think you can expect to see in 2017.

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Generation Z

It's that time of year when it's either good to look back or better to look to the future.  What with Brexit, Trump and the EU troubles in 2016 we have taken the - somewhat - safer topic of looking at the coming generation: Generation Z.

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The Dark Triad: Narcissim, Psychopathy, Machivellianism

A post about 3 of the more problematic traits you probably don't want in your candidates - the "Dark Triad".  Employees with these traits can cause havoc within an organisation, so it's an important topics for HR and recruiters. 

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Generation Y - The Millennials

An overview on this much talked about generation from a workplace and employment perspective.   This is an important group and there are lots of perceptions real and imagined out there.  

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Mobiles and Recruiting

A look at how mobile are being used in recruitment and how you can make sure that you are not losing out to candidates job hunting on their phones.

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Recruiting Metrics - Part 2

Part 2 of our Blog post series on Reporting.  This one is about common metrics being used.  Please see the previous post: Part 1, for a look at the more general issues of reporting in recruiting.

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The Business Case for RPO

This post we have a go at looking at reasons to outsource recruitment.  Called RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) this is our perspective on the business case drivers behind RPO.

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