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Peak iPhone

At this time of the year we like to look at trends and new developments.  This year we are looking at technology. In particular we are looking at the sorts of technology devices we use in our daily lives.  Where are we now and what can expect in coming years?

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Recruiting - GDPR Compliance - Part 2

The second of two posts looking at the upcoming GDPR requirements from the EU.   This post looks at what you should do from a recruitment perspective to help with compliance.  The previous post looks directly at the main requirements.

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Recruiting - GDPR Compliance - Part 1

The first of two posts looking at the upcoming GDPR requirements from the EU.  It covers all organisations capturing personal data from EU residents - so its not just if you are based in the EU. This post looks at the requirements.  The next post will look at what we think you should do from a recruitment perspective to help with compliance.

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Google for Jobs

Google launched its new platform for Job seekers in May last year at the i/O conference for Developers.  Called 'Google for Jobs', it's a really interesting development and we think it will - over time -  have a really big impact on the recruitment market.  However, whilst we have some clients that know about it, the launch and its' possible impact seems to have passed most by.  This post we hope will give it wider attention.

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Bad Bosses

With the current focus on bullying, harassment and even sexual assault in the public eye. What is the impact of bad bosses (or bad management behaviours) in your workplace.

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Application Forms

We have talked about this previously.  However, we felt it was worth having a refresher. This post is dedicated to looking at the application form; how its used, why you need one, what works, what doesn't etc....

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The 11 'rules for success' from Apple

The substance of this post is one we think many of our clients and partners will identify with.  We often talk about how to hire the right people - this post is about how to start them off on the right foot.  

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AI - is it over hyped?

The first of two posts looking at AI (Artificial Intelligence). What you can do with it and whether it really does deserve all the hype it is getting in terms of delivering useful services right now and in the future.

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April Fools Day

Another round up of the best April Fools gags and pranks that we have had reported to us.  We normally add a more practical and serious side as well as celebrating the fun of the day.   However there is enough scary stuff going on right now regarding Fake News, so we have ended up keeping this post all light hearted.  

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